Thursday, May 30, 2013


Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever get to go to India. But yet I yearned with everything I had to go. It started with my mom reading to me the life of Amy Carmichael, once I was old enough I read "A Chance to Die" by Elizabeth Elliot (a fantastic book if you haven't read it yet). She had such an incredible life and was used by God to have an amazing impact on so many lives as a missionary in India. Her life fueled my desire to go. Anyways, since I am in the Missions program I have to complete a six week apprenticeship overseas during the summer after my junior year. I was a little worried, besides some cousins in Greece I don't really have any connections. So I talked with my adviser at school and at first we tried to work something through ABWE and going to Bangladesh. It fell through, so it's about November and I have no clue what I am doing for the summer and I'm starting to panic. So a friend comes, who knows that I have a heart for India and tells me of an opportunity to go to India. I go talk to my adviser and we start the process of making my way there. Long story short, I found out I had to raise $3,000. Whoa, that terrified me. But now I have most of my money raised and I have seen God do amazing things. I am traveling with a friend and we will be staying in Kerala, India for six weeks with a missionary and his family. We will be ministering at the children's home and school, and Bible college and seminary that they have started there. I am so excited, it's just one of those things where God has given me the desire of my heart. I wasn't even searching for it, He just brought it to me. So cool. Anyways, pray for me and my friend. We need it haha. We are leaving June 15th and will return to the States July 25th. Pray the Lord would keep us safe and give us a fruitful ministry. I'm praying that will be life changing and that God would continue to fuel my passion for sharing His love with everyone I meet. 

I'm back!...for a while

Wow, I haven't written in just over a year. I apologize. This has certainly been a crazy and stressful past year. My dad shut down his chiropractic office and is now a full time professor, I started my junior year of college, my grandfather passed away after a long battle with cancer in November, and many other events. I have since completed my junior year, I'm officially a Senior! I also have another exciting event coming up in just a couple weeks. I'm going to....INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My life long dream is coming true. I can't even tell you how excited I am (or  how nervous my mom is lol). My next post will be all about it. :)