Sunday, December 7, 2014

Making a Difference...One Conversation at a Time

I recently was retold the story of 'the starfish'. Perhaps you have also heard it but to refresh you I will repeat it.
One day at the beach many starfish had gotten washed up on shore from the tide. If they did not get back into the ocean they would soon die from the harsh sunlight. A little boy saw their predicament and started getting to work throwing the starfish back into the ocean. A old man saw what the boy was doing. "You'll never be able to save them all, there's too many." The little boy tossed another starfish into the ocean. "It made a difference to that one." he said to the old man.

There is something about this story that hits me. I don't know about you but being in ministry, even simply a Christian, can be overwhelming at times. We can feel like we are barely making a dent in the ever-needy world.  We see the population, how many do not know Christ, and can wonder why we even bother.

The story of the starfish reminds us that we can make a difference. Every life we touch is meaningful, and not only to the Lord. Just a simple conversation can have untold impact on a person's life. When it comes to sharing the gospel with someone one can literally not even imagine the impact upon that individual and innumerable others. For instance, one woman, whom I have never even met has made an incredible impact on my life. This woman witnessed to my aunt, my grandmother's sister. My aunt became a Christian as the result of her testimony. My aunt witnessed to my grandparents who subsequently came to know the Lord. My father, being raised in the church, came to know Christ at a young age. And then there's me, the third generation impacted who is a believer as well. What an incredible impact this lady had! All because she was faithful in sharing the gospel. One life can make such a difference.

Think with me know in a different setting. You decide to support a child through Gospel for Asia's Bridge for Hope program. Through the program the child hears the gospel and accepts Christ as their Savior. They then take that message of hope to their family and friends. Not only can they impact them but even their whole village. The gospel can and has spread like wild fire throughout Asia. You can play a part in that by sponsoring a child. If you would like to learn more about this you can click on the link below:
Now that the Lord has blessed me with a steady job I am finally able to sponsor a child! I am so very excited to start the process. I cannot wait to see how God can use my finances to make a difference.