Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wear it...Declare it...

The other day I looked at a pair of pants I had from that "Kohl's" brand "So!". On the label it said: "Wear it, Declare it!" I started thinking... Our clothes say something about us. When we look at someone in a short skirt or a tight shirt we think: "That girl is bad! She is definitely a sinner and a floosy!" Or how about when we see someone wearing black. We think: "They must be in mourning or they're goth!" But what about the so called "normal" people? What do their clothes say about them? Do they say: "Here's a mom with two kids. She's married, her husband has a good job. They are middle class citizens who always pay their bills on time." I don't think so...They do, however, say something!
I think as Christians we should wear something that shows who we are on the inside. We should dress modest and wear clothes that draws our attention to our faces not the rest of our body.
I know, I know, you've heard it all before: "Don't make the guys stumble!" "Don't show off what God gave you!"
I'm not saying they're wrong but we should tell others the reason behind it. As Christians we are to be different. We aren't supposed to look exactly like the world. When someone is wearing a low cut top...are you thinking.."Hey, I BET that girl's a Christian! She looks so godly right there, with her chest all hanging out."
NO WAY! especially if you're a guy. (Though I do not have firsthand knowledge of this...)

Our clothes, like our life, should reflect a love and dedication to God.

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