Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Camel, Book Review

So just before finishing classes this past semester, I ordered a book online. I ordered it from Mission Frontiers, a Christian magazine for free. The only catch was to write and post a book review on the book. Well, a couple weeks went by and I forgot I ordered the book until 2 weeks ago when I finally checked my school mailbox and noticed the book.
The book is called "The Camel: How Muslims are Coming to Faith in Christ!" by Kevin Greeson. It was an amazing book, I finished it quickly. It uses real occurrences as examples of how this method of reaching Muslims has worked. I was astounded by the number of Muslims that have been reached already. Being an American, Islamic people are seen as the enemy, terrorists, and people who will never accept the gospel. Yet, through taking the Muslims through the Quran and using the Bible with the Quran, they are being saved. I think American Christians have forgotten that those who believe in Islam can be saved. God can work in a Muslim's heart just as He can work in an American's heart. But only if they are willing.
Through the book, I discovered the great suffering that is going on in the Middle East to Christians. Yet, through the suffering and trials, more are coming to Christ. It was encouraging, yet heart breaking.
I strongly suggest you read this book if you want to understand the Muslim culture better and how you can reach Islamic people for Christ. 

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