Friday, August 26, 2011

Mutterings of a new RA...

Well, I have officially finished my first week as a sophomore! It felt like the week would never end! It was good though, VERY interesting haha. I am now 19 years old, what a strange age. It's funny, I don't feel any different.
It was a birthday to remember though! I gave my first RA devo. But before hand I was almost late for curfew, because coming back from my house we hit 30 minutes of traffic! Talk about stressful. After dinner my mom and grandmother got sick. Oh and did I mention there was an EARTHQUAKE! What a ridiculous birthday! The last minute, no joking it was 11:59!, I slammed my finger in between my desk drawer. I swear it was like a spiritual battle or something!
Anyways, to switch topics, my Mom is getting testing done for Lupus. Not gonna lie, this scares the life out of me. But I am daily giving it over to God.
I read this amazing quote yesterday that totally applies to my life:
"Anything small enough to be a worry is big enough to be a prayer." 
I just think it fits me so well. :)
Well, let me just say I am sooooo excited for this and all that God will teach me. I have already dealt with disappointment and rejection (in this week alone!). So I am praying for strength and I know my God will give it to me moment by moment. 

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