Tuesday, August 2, 2011


As an RA, one of my requirements is to read two books this summer. I want to talk a little bit about one in particular. The title is "Making Disciples:One Conversation at a Time" by D. Michael Henderson. It's been excellent and full of wisdom. Though to be perfectly honest, it is a hard book to read. It's taken me almost a month to read 100 pages! Still have 90 more to go even now. One part in particular has really convicted me. Here's what it says:
"Here's an experience I know you've had: you've just come through a painful experience and you want to tell somebody about it.You begin to share with your friend but before you get the whole story on the table, your friend says, "I know exactly how you feel. I've had the same problem..." He or she grabs the conversation and runs with it. Your eyes begin to glaze over and mentally you begin to check out. You didn't initiate this conversation to hear his or her story-you wanted to tell yours. So you say, "How nice!" and walk away with the pain throbbing in your heart" (82). 

Well, I was floored when I read this. I have never thought I was a "dominator" when it came to conversation. Usually I am the one listening, while the ones bolder than I are talking. Which I don't mind, I love to listen. Yet, I know I have done this before! To think that I ignored someone else's pain, when they came to me for help, breaks my heart. This book has really opened my eyes to not just "talk" but to communicate and disciple others with my conversations. An excellent book, you must read! 

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