Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 6: Five things I can't live without

Day 1: Ten random facts about yourself

Day 2: Nine things you do everyday
Day 3: Eight things that annoy you
Day 4: Seven fears/phobias
Day 5: Six songs that you’re addicted to
Day 6: Five things you can’t live without
Day 7: Four memories you won’t forget
Day 8: Three words you can’t go a day without using
Day 9: Two things you wish you could do
Day 10: One person you can trust

Okay so, this is a loaded question. I could live without a million things but what I do need is not very interesting so I will elaborate....

1. God! hee hee, don't tell me you didn't see that one coming.

2. The internet, say what you will about it's has made my life soooo much easier

3. Food, chocolate in particular... YUM!

4. Clothes...yeah I'd probably die without them... haha

5. My family....I certainly wouldn't be here had it not been for God and my parents...

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