Monday, February 21, 2011

Think of the Children...

So yesterday my Mom told me a story about me from when I was little. I was about 3 years old and one of those sad commercials about children in Africa came on. I went to my Mom and said: "Mom, mom! That boy has no shoes Mom! We HAVE to buy him some shoes Mom please!" or something to that effect ;)
I was thinking about that last night. When she first told me I thought: "Oh that's funny, I had a missionary heart even then!" But last night I thought about it more. In fact, I started crying because I realized. I never got him any shoes. I never gave anything to help those children from that commercial. I know, I know, I was 3 years old. What could I do? Sometimes I simply get so filled with compassion for others though, it overwhelms me. I want to help ever child I see, I look into their little faces and my heart just breaks for them. Whenever I see videos or commercials like Feed the Children or w/e, it brings me to tears. Here in America we have SOOOOO much. Even American Christians are not willing to sacrifice for those in need. I just wish that we would realize how rich we are in this country and be willing to give more freely.

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